The Pulse Data Hub

The Pulse Data Hub

The Pulse Data Hub

The Pulse Data Hub an unprecedented data tool that will be used by RMP and other critical community stakeholders (such as small businesses, corporations, nonprofits, foundations, local government, law enforcement, elected officials, etc.) to drive:

Understanding the Community’s Current State Setting Shared Targets and Measuring Progress Identifying and Supporting Collective Work
  • Understand what economic and social mobility looks like across the region, including:
  • Identify where equity gaps currently exist
  • See where public and private dollars are going (or not going)


  • Set shared targets and priorities
  • Measure progress towards targets and priorities
  • Measure progress towards closing equity gaps


  • Identify and support collective work that will most impact shared targets and priorities
  • Build on and scale existing community resources
  • Develop strategies to fill gaps in community resources and needs
  • Measure impact of strategies and collective work


Elements of the Data Hub include:

  • The Community Well Being Index:    Provides in-depth information on how children, adults, and families are faring across a variety of health, economic security and education indications (aka the 5 Community Well-Being Data Domains)

  • The Rocky Mountain Partnership Scorecard: Serves as a scorecard for the Rocky Mountain Partnership to measure annual progress towards shared priorities and targets, specifically towards closing equity gaps


  • The Collective Work Data Center:      Serves as the data center for each of the collective work areas prioritized by the Partnership
    (i.e Credential Attainment and Work-Based Learning, Equitable Hiring and Retention, Housing and Education, Youth Mental Health)

  • The Collective Work Asset Center: Provides an inventory of the resources currently available in the region that support community members in the Partnership’s work areas


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The Rocky Mountain Partnership is working with ResultsLab to produce the Data Hub