The Pulse Data Hub

Collective Work Data Center

Collective Work Data Center

RMP has developed interactive Regional Impact Dashboards that paint a holistic and comprehensive picture of what’s currently happening in the region for each collective work area, how the community is being impacted at all levels, and progress and the impact of the regional work underway to address it.

Specifically, they include:

  • Regional data that shows the current state of what’s happening for each area and the impact it is having on the community
  • Targets we have set to hold ourselves accountable to impact
  • Stories, feedback, and insights from community members about how they, and the community at large, are being impacted
  • Impact Assessments that dive into how public policy, legislation, funding, and public services are impacting the community
  • Progress of our collective work in each area

These dashboards as a whole is designed to equip partners, decision makers, and the community with the information they need to inform and drive action around each area.

Click on each logo below to see their respective dashboards.



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