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Regional Labor Shortage

Assets and Strategies Addressing The Regional Labor Shortage

The Challenge Our Region Faces

The impact the current labor shortage is having on our region and our country is creating a massive impact on the economic and social mobility of our community members and vitality of our economy.

In the wake of COVID-19, community members are facing challenges to access and retain jobs that will enable them to support themselves and their families. Employers in critical industries are struggling to find workers to fill their open positions, resulting in reduced capacity and in some cases, permanently closing their doors.  Learn more about the impact the labor shortage is having on our community HERE.

Understanding the Work Underway

The Backbone Team is supporting Partners to identify:

  • Assets that currently exist to help paint the picture of where work is currently having an impact
  • Action that can be taken to better coordinate efforts between organizations
  • Gaps in services that need to be filled
  • Effective strategies being deployed across the state and country that could be scaled to this region

This page outlines information gathered to date. The process of capturing assets is ongoing, and this list will grow as the Partnership learns more about what is currently available! Check back frequently.

Remember, additional cross-sector assets may be found on the following pages:

If you know of additional information that should be added to this webpage, please contact RMP Backbone Senior Director of Strategic Supports, Ashley Edinger at


Causes, Strategies, and Assets Identified to Date

What the Data Says About the Causes

This database highlights a few primary factors (identified to date) contributing to the national labor shortage, according to research done across the country.

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What Businesses are Doing

This database primarily outlines what our most critical and deeply impacted industries are doing, including government programs or incentives that exist to get people to return to work. It is inclusive of many businesses or institutions from the surrounding areas to provide an understanding of common strategies can be scaled to this region. It does NOT include practices in place before the pandemic.

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Other Potentially Effective Strategies

This collection of strategies is a direct reflection of the causes that have been identified to date. As noted above, the Partnership’s efforts are best served where they can have the greatest impact so the strategies listed will address the causes which are possible to impact. In some cases these strategies will take the form of recommendations to private businesses and in others they will be potential public funding or policy strategies that may be effective in ending the shortage.

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Assets That Can Facilitate the Strategies

This collection of assets is intended to support businesses in their current efforts as well as a means of bringing some of the other potentially effective strategies to fruition. These assets range from navigation assistance in finding a job to third-party ‘upskilling providers.’ which can be utilized by employers to attract new hires.

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