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Collective Work Asset Center

Collective Work Asset Center

The Collective Work Asset Center houses an inventory of existing programs/services, funding and resources, and policies related to each collective work area. Inventorying these ‘assets’ supports partners to:

  • Understand what already exists in the community and how they can be leveraged and built upon
  • Locate and utilize existing resource inventories refer community members to critical services all in one place

The Impact

Leveraging Community Strengths. Instead of starting from scratch or duplicating efforts, existing community programs and services, policies, and funding pools are refined, build upon, and scaled to maximize community-wide impact.

Connection. Community members are connected to the critical services they need to survive and thrive.

Building On Our Community’s Strengths

Collective work doesn’t need to happen from scratch. There are so many incredible efforts already happening in our community, state, and country that can be leveraged, scaled, and coordinated to have a great and efficient impact.

Asset-based community development relies on a core belief that good things exist in communities and that those things can be highlighted and encouraged — these are assets suited to advancing communities. For example, we can track assets — funding opportunities, community priorities, and more — related to the unprecedented funding flowing in from the American Rescue Plan Act. See more about this effort at the bottom of this page!

Learn more about asset-based community development HERE.

Find sources for community members to access resources here:

Assets Identified To Date

Assets are being identified for the collective work areas of the Partnership. To learn about the assets that have been identified to date, click on the respective work area below

Public Funding Database
for Collective Work



Regional Labor


Credential and Attainment and
Work-Based Learning


Housing and



Equitable Hiring and


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