Subcommittee Forms within Adams County Opioid Regional Council to Develop Logic Model

The Adams County Opioid Regional Council’s Logic Model Subcommittee met Monday, September 19 to provide input on a draft Opioid Crisis Logic Model and determine what additional action is needed to finalize it.

What was accomplished in this session?

Subcommittee members:

  • Gained a shared understanding of:
    • The Opioid Epidemic from a public health perspective
    • Purpose of Logic Models and how to use them
    • Intended purpose of the Opioid Crisis Logic Model we are tasked with developing
  • Provided input on a Draft Opioid Crisis Logic Model and determined what additional action is needed to finalize it

What are the next steps?

  • The Logic Model Subcommittee will reconvene on Tuesday, September 27 to finalize the Draft Opioid Crisis Logic Model.
  • An additional subcommittee will convene on Tuesday, October 4 to develop draft allocations that indicate what percent of litigation settlement funds will be allocated to the five primary service areas outlined by the Attorney General’s Office.

Where can I find the minutes from this session?

In alignment with the Open Meeting Requirements of the Colorado Sunshine Law, minutes will be uploaded to the RMP website. View where to find these minutes by clicking the button below.

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