Session to Bringing Partners and Community Together to Design Emerging Affordable Housing Site

On Friday, November 18, Maiker Housing Partners will be bringing RMP Partners, community members, and other regional leaders together to co-design Maiker’s newest affordable housing site: Claude Court.

Who will be attending?

This network is extremely committed to ensuring that we are not making decisions without our most impacted community members engaged in and helping drive this work – this is the latest example of an RMP Partner moving this to action.

This event welcomes community members and leaders, developers, educators, service providers to be part of this conversation that will lead to the development of a vital community asset.

What else should folks know about this session?

  • This session is designed to be interactive.
  • Lunch will be served from 12:00-2:00 pm
  • Community members will be compensated for their time
  • Spanish language interpretation will be available
  • Professionals of all levels will attend

How do I learn more?

Contact Matt Horn at with questions or to learn more.

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