RMP Participating in Public Dollars Pilot

Rocky Mountain Partnership was selected by StriveTogether to participate in a pilot to understand the impact of public dollars.

This pilot, called SPARCY (Shifting Public Accountability and Resources to Center Youth), will help the network:

  • Understand where public dollars are currently being allocated
  • Identify gaps, and work with youth and community members most impacted to develop a fiscal plan to close them

The work will focus on three key areas over the next two years:

  • Performing Youth and Community Impact Assessments
  • Creation of a Strategic Financing Plan
  • Focusing on Youth and Community Engagement

The work will be led by a core team from RMP’s Policy and Legislative Advisory Network comprised of network partners, youth and community members most impacted / with lived experience, and Backbone staff.

Click on the button to learn more about the SPARCY work.

Learn More about SPARCY

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