RMP Launching Youth-Led Community Coalition Around School Funding

RMP is launching a youth-led community coalition to mobilize the community and drive action to increase school funding in the region so all youth have the opportunity to thrive. This coalition will first start by mobilizing and educating the Brighton community about the impact of school funding, and can be activated should 27J Schools decide to move forward with action in the future to seek additional school funding

Did you know?
27J Schools is the 3rd least funded school district per student in Colorado, and while they have a track record of “doing more with less”, funding is becoming such a barrier to that the district will continue to have to make hard decisions on cuts if the situation doesn’t change.
What will this youth-led community coalition do?
This youth-led community coalition will mobilize those most impacted by the disproportionate funding so they have a fair chance to advocate for themselves to have the resources needed to be successful. This includes developing messaging and strategies to advocate for the resources they need and that they deserve to be invested into them.
Who will be part of this youth-led community coalition?
Youth, parents, family members, teachers, and other community members with lived experience who are most impacted by the lack of school district funding will be mobilized through this movement.
This coalition will be led by ten current and former 27J students, known as ‘Rising Leaders,’ who will drive decisions about how to mobilize the community.
Action Needed
RMP needs your help to identify 27J Schools students and alumni to be part of this effort. Click the button to learn more and share this opportunity with current students and alumni in your network.

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