Recap from Monday’s Employer Cohort ‘Kickoff’ Session

Employers participating in the Improved Hiring, Retention, and Employee Advancement Practices effort convened for the first time as a larger cohort this Monday, September 19.

Participating employers have already begun work through this effort, however, this is the first time this group came together as a larger cohort.

What was accomplished in this session?

Participating employers had the opportunity to:

  • Connect with other cohort members and the RMP team in order to further advance their journey in this work
  • Walk through the RMP’s Employer Self-Assessment© as a cohort, and develop clear action plans for complete the assessment

What is RMP’s Employer Self-Assessment©?

Using best practices from across the region, state, and nation, RMP has developed a set of benchmarks to mark progress of employers along their journey to improve their hiring, retention, and employee advancement practices.

RMP developed a reflection tool to support employers to assess where they are along these benchmarks. This assessment helps employers reflect on:

  • The current composition of their workforce and leadership
  • What practices and policies they currently have in place around hiring, retention, and employee advancement
  • Where opportunities exist for improvements and initial action
  • Supports that would be helpful to them along their journeys

This information helps employers set measurable goals for improvement and have information to help inform action plans to progress along the benchmarks.

Next Steps

  • Participating employers will work with their teams to complete their self-assessments.
  • The RMP Team will provide interactive benchmark reports to each participating employer that shows where they are in the benchmarks, promising practices, and recommendations for action.
  • Participating employers will reconvene in late October / early November for a half-day work session in which they will review their reports, set measurable goals, and develop additional action they will take to improve their hiring, retention, and advancement practices.
  • Participating employers will opt into exclusive coaching, training, and technical assistance opportunities that will further support them to advance their work, including:

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