Project team working to develop hub of talent supply data and information met Tuesday

The project team that is working to develop a central hub of talent supply data and information met on Tuesday.

What was accomplished in this session?

Project team members who were unable to attend the last meeting met Tuesday to:

  • Identify additional questions that data, information, and resources need to be able to answer
    Continue to inventory what information already exists that answers these questions
  • Receive an overview of RMP’s current hub
  • Identify additional community members and partners who need to be involved in this project

What is the overall goal of this project?

The goal of this project is to develop a central platform that community members can access to find programs and resources to build their skills. In addition, policy makers and practitioners will be able to use this hub to make more informed decisions about talent-related programming, policies and initiatives.

Contact Matt Horn at to learn more about next steps.

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