Policy and Legislative Advisory Network Core Team Met on Friday To Continue Drafting 2022 Policy Priorities

The Policy and Legislative Advisory Network Core Team met on Friday, September 17 to continue drafting the network’s 2022 policy priorities.

During this session, the Policy and Legislative Advisory Network Core Team:

  • Decided to move forward with a tiered policy priority structure, which will support the network to move aggressively advocate for and pursue a couple of key priorities while monitoring additional areas to take action where needed
  • Identified mental health and housing affordability as a draft tier 1 policy priorities
  • Agreed to explore opportunities for alignment with the senate version of the PARTNERS Act
  • Shortened future sessions to one hour

Click HERE to see who’s on the Core Team. Click on the button below to learn more about what resulted from this session.

Session Outcomes

Contact Kayah Swanson at KayahSwanson@RMPBackbone.org to learn more about the session and/or the group

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