Pathways Visualization Core Team Meeting Recap

A group of practitioners and community members met Monday, January 30 to continue work to develop a hub of data, information, and resources that paints the picture of what talent supply and demand looks like in the RMP region.

What was accomplished in this session?

Practitioners and community members:

  • Identified additional questions that need to be answered by a regional data, information, and resource hub
  • Continued to inventory what information already exists that answers these questions
  • Received an overview of RMP’s current data, information, and resource hub
  • Identified additional community members and partners who should be engaged in this project

What are next steps?

  • This group will reconvene to provide additional input and feedback on RMP’s current data, information, and resource hub.
  • Core team members will invite additional stakeholders needed to the next meeting.

Contact Matt Horn at to learn more.

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