Partnership Monitoring 10 State Bills Aligned to 2022 Policy Priorities

The Colorado Legislative Session is in full swing. As of 1.24.22, over 230 pieces of legislation have been introduced.
The Policy and Legislative Action Network confirmed during their meeting last Friday, January 21, that it will monitor the following 10 bills aligned to the network’s 2022 Policy Priorities:
  • HB22-1002 Fifth Year High School Concurrent Enrollment – This bill removes the limit on the number of allowable ASCENT participants, expanding to allowing each qualified student selected by the local education provider to participate. It also reduces the number of credits to be eligible, and repeals requirement to repay unfinished courses.
  • HB22-1003 Youth Delinquency Prevention And Intervention Grants – This bill establishes a delinquency prevention and young offender intervention pilot grant program, awarding 2-year grants to reduce crime among youth.
  • HB22-1005 Health-care Preceptors Tax Credit – This bill expands the number of health-care preceptors (experienced practitioners who teach and supervise students or less experienced practitioners) who can claim the tax credit, extends the tax credit through 2033, expands eligibility to offer and participate in preceptorship, allows for the counting of nonconsecutive days, and puts in place some definition and certification changes.
  • HB22-1006 Child Care Center Property Tax Exemption – This bill removes the requirement that child care facilities must be for charitable purposes only to receive the tax exemption, and expends eligibility for the property tax exemption to renters providing child care.
  • HB22-1009 Continue Workforce Diploma Pilot Program – This bill continues to the workforce diploma program indefinitely. This program was initially established in 2019 and was scheduled to repeal on July 1, 2022.
  • HB22-1010 Early Childhood Educator Income Tax Credit – This bill creates a refundable income tax credit for five income years for an eligible early childhood educator who has adjusted gross incomes below specified thresholds and holds a professional credential.
  • HB22-1050 International Medical Graduate Integrate Health-care Workforce – This bill establishes two programs in the Department of Labor and Employment to assist international medical graduates (IMGs) seeking to integrate into the state’s healthcare workforce:
    • The IMG assistance program will provide direct services to IMGs, including a review of an IMG’s education, training, and experience to recommend appropriate next steps for integrating IMGs into the state’s health-care workforce; technical support through the credential evaluation process; and scholarships to assist in defraying the medical licensure process.
    • The clinical readiness program will provide curriculum for and assessments of IMGs to help them build the skills necessary to enter a medical residency program.
  • SB22-003 Community College Nursing Bachelor Degree Eligibility – This bill permits community colleges to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing to students who have or are pursuing a certificate in nursing.
  • SB22-039 Funding For Educational Opportunities – This bill requires the state treasurer to transfer $723 million from the general fund to the state education fund for the 2022-23 budget year, repeals the budget stabilization factor starting in the 2023-24 budget year, and creates the Hope Scholarship Program to meet the educational needs of every eligible student by assisting with certain education expenses.
  • SB22-087 Healthy School Meals for All – This bill creates the healthy school meals for all program  in the department of education to reimburse school food authorities for free meals provided to students who are not eligible for free or reduced-price meals under the federal school meals programs.
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