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Jessica Scherden

Jessica Scherden

Institute Coach

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Jessica Scherden (She/Her/Hers) brings a wealth of experience and a steadfast commitment to collaborative innovation as the Institute Director at the Rocky Mountain Partnership. With a Bachelor’s degree in Family Consumer Science from the University of Wyoming and a Master’s degree in Curriculum Instruction, Jessica’s journey has been fueled by a fervent dedication to disrupting inequities through education.

Her formative years were marked by a focused approach to education, initially serving Head Start children and families. This early experience ingrained in her the transformative power of collaboration and resilience in reshaping entrenched disparities. As an early childhood teacher, Jessica immersed herself in an integrated services team, championing wraparound support for children and families, setting a precedent for holistic education.

Jessica’s trajectory into leadership saw her mentoring early career teachers through a Practice-Based Coaching model, affirming her role as a thought leader in educational strategies. Central to her ethos is a belief in distributive leadership, empowering individuals at all levels to drive systemic change. Her vision for stewardship echoes the principles of the Rocky Mountain Partnership, harnessing collective strengths to architect lasting transformation.

Having grown up in an Air Force family, Jessica’s upbringing instilled a profound appreciation for diverse cultures and landscapes through frequent relocations. This cultivated a lifelong passion for travel, complementing her professional pursuits with a broader worldview. Outside her role, Jessica finds joy in international travels, outdoor explorations, and fostering connections through shared meals.