New bills RMP is keeping an eye on

  • HB22-1366  Improving Students’ Postsecondary Options
    • The bill establishes a number of new programs concerning postsecondary career and education options for students
  • HB22-1367 Updates To Employment Discrimination Law
    • Concerning modifications to laws prohibiting discrimination in employment practices, and, in connection therewith, repealing the exclusion of domestic workers from the definition of “employee”, extending the time limit for filing a charge alleging unfair or discriminatory employment practices with the Colorado civil rights commission, and repealing the prohibition against certain damages in cases alleging age-based discrimination.
  • HB22-200  Rural Provider Stimulus Grant Program
    • The bill establishes the rural provider access and affordability stimulus grant program (grant program) in the Colorado department of health care policy and financing (state department). As part of the grant program, the state department may award grants for projects that modernize the affordability solutions and the information technology of health-care providers in rural communities (rural providers) and projects that expand access to health care in rural communities

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