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Become a One-Time or Annual Sponsor

Become a One-Time or Annual Sponsor

Imagine our community – a place where: 

Everyone is able to support    themselves and their families

We are happy, healthy, thriving, and enjoying the vibrancy and abundance of art, cultural, and recreational activities

Regional poverty rates are on the decline, and generational cycles     of poverty come to a halt

Our economy thrives- there’s more spending, less reliance on social supports, and a workforce with the talent needed to attract, retain, and grow business and industry

This is what it means to reach economic and social mobility.

To get here, we need to work together. The challenges our community faces to get there are bigger than any siloed effort, sector, city, or county alone can address.

As a one-time or annual sponsor, you play a key role in propelling this region closer to this vision by supporting the neutral infrastructure that makes this collective work possible, a.k.a The Backbone.

Annual Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits

Become a One-Time or Annual Sponsor

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For more information on becoming a one time or annual sponsor, contact Tracy Pihl, Grant and Fund Development Manager for the Backbone Team, at