Our Approach

Work Together To Achieve Real Results.

Research shows that successful collective impact initiatives typically have five conditions that together produce true alignment and lead to powerful results: a common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and backbone support organizations.

The Rocky Mountain Partnership will continue to utilize the proven StriveTogether four pillars to identify system-level and policy priorities, set targets, and determine action:

Shared Community Vision

Work together to tackle the same issues, with the same results in  mind, and publicly keep score of progress made.

  Evidence-Based Decision Making

Make policy and strategy decisions based on data that is broken down by race, ethnicity, gender, and income.


  Collaborative Action

Collectively provide solutions in prioritized areas. Each partner brings its own role, function, work, resources, expertise, and data to achieve the collective results. The Partnership will also work to identify alignment with other networks and coalitions to further accelerate impact.


 Investment & Sustainability

Align funding and resources to strategies and collective efforts that achieve equitable results.

At every step of the way, the network works to shift power to community members most impacted by existing systems in order to co-develop solutions that improve outcomes impacting them.

The Partnership is supported by a neutral team referred to as The Backbone, separate from the partner organizations doing the collective work. The Backbone Team has a very specific set of skills and expertise that allows them to serve as the neutral supporting infrastructure for the collective work through “ongoing facilitation, technology, and communications support, data collection and reporting, and handling the myriad logistical and administrative details needed for the work to function.” Meet the Backbone Team HERE.

Check out this Stanford Innovation Review Collective Impact Article to learn more about the Framework followed by the Rocky Mountain Partnership.