2018 Catalyst For Change Award Recipients

Here at ACYI, we know two things to be true:

  1. Together We CAN Do More
  2. Outcomes Focused Practice is How We CAN do It

The below awardees are living examples of how this very basic formula is working right here in our community. Congratulations to our honorees from the ACYI Partnership who are moving this work forward!

Outstanding Outcomes Award – Adams County School District 14
Pictured here: Dr. Javier Abrego, Superintendent of Adams County School District 14, and leadership from Adams 14, with ACYI Board Member Tiffany Anderson

The Outstanding Outcomes recognition is awarded to partners who have demonstrated a strong component of outcomes focused framework in their work. Adams County School District 14 has committed to regularly monitoring school climate and culture by re-administering the long-standing Adams County Student Survey. They are having students take the student survey not only at the beginning of the school year, but again midway to help them monitor progress towards goals the district has set for student success. This is a bold first step in placing an emphasis on what their students have to say about their school climate and culture and an emphasis on student voice and perspective is a critical element of our outcomes focused framework.


Outstanding Outcomes Award – Westminster Public Schools
Pictured here: James Duffy, Chief Operating Officer of Westminster Public Schools, with ACYI Board Member Tiffany Anderson

The Outstanding Outcomes recognition is awarded to partners who have demonstrated a strong component of outcomes focused framework in their work. Westminster Public Schools leadership has led a coalition that has demonstrated a commitment to aligning community resources to what works for kids. This group has taken bold steps in partnering with multiple agencies – to expand after school and summer programs to give kids a safe place and provide academic support. When community resources are aligned AND students’ needs are the focus, then outcomes can truly be met. Congratulations to Westminster Public Schools for your great collaborations with the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver, Scholars Unlimited after school program, City of Westminster, Hyland Hills and YMCA of the Rockies for expanding services in such an intentional way.


Early Adopter Award – Teren Cabrera, Otho E. Stuart Middle School
Pictured hereL Teren Cabrera, Instructional Coach at Otho E. Stuart Middle School, with ACYI CEO Becky Hoffman

ACYI’s Outcomes Focused – Continuous Improvement Framework is often a different way of approaching work. It starts with focusing on really understanding problems BEFORE determining action. An ‘Early Adopter’ courageously and whole heartedly grasps onto ACYI’s approach. They pave the way for this work to move forward, ultimately impacting youth who are on their journey to be successful from cradle to career.

Teren Cabrera, Instructional Coach at Otho E. Stuart Middle School in School District 27J, was bitten by the continuous improvement bug when ACYI took her and a team of partners to visit a school district in Wisconsin where she saw first-hand how this approach had been embraced. She began to work on her continuous improvement project (how she was going to support outcomes driven work in her own classroom) on the plane ride back home. She immediately began using the continuous improvement approach and some of the tools in her classroom….which helped lead to a significant increase in the math scores at Stuart Middle School.

Teren’s story has been hailed across the ACYI Partnership and with our national affiliate StriveTogether as an example of the impact an early adopter can make on the cradle to career journey of our youth.


Leader in Culture of Continuous Improvement Award – Pat Hamilton, Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Pictured here: Pat Hamilton, Chief Operating Officer of Adams 12 Five Star Schools, with ACYI CEO Becky Hoffman

For the Outcomes Focused Framework to flourish and scale across the Partnership, it takes the buy-in of our leaders to help cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. A ‘Leader in Culture of Continuous Improvement’ does just that, supporting those on the ground to develop the capacity and capabilities to take the lead to drive meaningful change.

Pat Hamilton, COO for Adams 12 Five Star Schools, has been instrumental in the ongoing shift to a culture of continuous improvement within their Business Services department. Pat has partnered with ACYI to spearhead his team’s journey to transform the way they approach their work, which by the way over 70 team members have already been trained to date — but by truly sparking, empowering and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement where team members at all levels are being encouraged and supported to embrace strategic improvements in their work and systems.


Advocate for Community Voice Award – Levon Hupfer, 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office
Pictured here: Levon Hupfer, Director of Diversion for the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, with ACYI TEGA Megan Madden

The ‘Advocate for Community Voice’ award celebrates someone who champions our voices, ensuring that our perspective and ideas are driving this work. Levon Hupfer, the Director of Diversion for the 17th Judicial District’s Attorney’s Office, has a passion for keeping young people out of the Juvenile Justice system, he also wholeheartedly embraces ACYI’s outcomes focused framework. He is the driving force in the ACYI Partnership working to gain a better understanding of what’s happening within the school to prison pipeline in our community – not just through data and numbers, but also through the voices of those young people that are most hidden and unheard – those at risk of entering or who are involved in the system.

We cannot work on juvenile crime or juvenile justice work in our community from a distance, but proximity to youth, proximity to their families, proximity to the imprisoned and mistreated and hurting will help us tackle this issue! So the TEGA project is really invaluable.

Levon Hupfer

Levon has led the charge for informing the research our TEGAs are conducting. He has helped connect with the schools, organizations and facilities where to conduct interviews. He has trained the TEGA team to prepare them for the type of information they might hear in these types of interviews. Levon understands the incredible value that authentic youth voice provides and he is working hard to make sure it is included in this very important stage in determining what opportunities exist for working together to improve things for young people in our community.


Impact Award – Adams County Workforce and Business Center
Pictured here: Adams County Workforce and Business Center Team with ACYI TEGA Elizabeth Martinez

The ‘Impact’ Award honors a team or organization that is making a measurable difference in the lives of young people. The Adams County Workforce and Business Center is very important partner of ACYI in making sure young people find their way into the workforce. They go above and beyond to do this, and know that not all young people know what they need to do in order to have successful futures.

Not only are they an active member of ACYI’s Post-Secondary Success CAN, where they are working with other partners across the community to determine what strategies are most impactful in our success, they also participate in several teams through the CAN — doing work on the ground to make the strategies that are the most impactful come to life. They also have partnered directly with ACYI in several ways to make TEGA possible in our community. This team has directed WIOA funds to support TEGA salaries, and supported our research on Post-Secondary Success by connecting our TEGAs with opportunity youth, some of the hardest youth to find.

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