Take Action

Take the Pledge.

Coalition of the Committed.

What does it mean to Join the Movement?

It means taking the pledge to no longer accept the way things are, and to work together as a united community to create lasting, systemic change.

I Pledge To:
  • Work together with other community stakeholders including, those most impacted by systems, to tackle the same issues with the same results in mind, and publicly keep score of progress made.
  • Shift power at all levels to those most impacted by systems, and realize that this does not dilute my power, but amplifies the impact I am able to make.
  • Collectively provide system-level and policy solutions in prioritized areas, bringing my own role, function, work, resources, expertise, and data to achieve the collective results.
  • Make policy and strategy decisions based on data that is broken down by race, ethnicity, gender, and income.
  • Align funding and resources to strategies and collective efforts that achieve equitable results.


On September 2, 2020, the Partnership virtually rallied together to talk about the Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP) strategic plan. Watch the full rally HERE!