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Becoming an Individual Investor

The Rocky Mountain Partnership –
Your Investment Matters

The Rocky Mountain Partnership is made up of leaders in education, nonprofit, government, human services, law enforcement, businesses, and other sectors. RMP’s neutral Backbone team supports partners to utilize data to set shared targets and as a scorecard to measure progress, advocate for and align policies, funding, and resources to remove barriers and accelerate progress, and coordinate and improve the work happening on the ground to unite the community to create lasting, systemic change.

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No single siloed effort, sector, city, or county alone can address or solve inequitable policies, practices, or systems, but through partnership and collective action, RMP identifies opportunities where the Partnership can work collectively to disrupt and transform systems. Our region needs a dedicated group of investors committed to working together as a united community to create lasting systemic change. As an individual, you can align your investment in our community with RMP’s commitment to increasing economic and social mobility for ALL.

To join RMP’s Coalition of the Committed by making a monetary pledge, click HERE: 

  • $120 per month or $1,400 per year to become a 14ers Club Member
  • $50 per month or $600 per year to become a Mountaineer Investor
  • $25 per month or $300 per year to become a Climber Investor
  • Any monthly amount below $24 or yearly amount below $299 to become an Explorer Investor

Organizations can also get involved at a partner level. Learn more HERE

Mailing Address:

RMP Attn: Becky Hoffman
1500 East 128th Avenue
Thornton, CO 80241

For questions or to discuss other ways to invest, please contact Lauren Erdman at LaurenErdman@RMPbackbone.org