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Invitation to Sponsor The State of the Partnership Event (December 2021)

We respectfully invite you to join us as a sponsor for the 2021 State of the Partnership event scheduled to take place in December 2021. Join over 300 anticipated guests from across sectors at this inaugural event to highlight 2021’s accomplishments and reveal the network’s strategic priorities for 2022.

As a sponsor for the event, your business/organization will be highlighted as a champion for economic and social mobility for all community members. You will play a critical role in propelling our community towards this shared vision by supporting the neutral infrastructure that makes collective efforts possible.

State of the Partnership Event Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits

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For more information on becoming a sponsor for the ‘2021 State of the Partnership Event’ contact Tracy Pihl, Grant and Fund Development Manager for the Backbone Team, at TracyPihl@RMPBackbone.org