Focus Groups Underway With Youth and Families to Understand Impact of School Funding

As part of work to understand the impact of school funding across the region, RMP is conducting focus groups and interviews with youth and families in the region.

More specifically, RMP is connecting directly with current and further students and parents from 27J Schools this week to hear directly about how they believe additional school funding will impact the district, and the larger community.

How Insights From Community Will Be Used

The insights from youth and parents will will not only help to inform ongoing messaging and action of RMP’s youth-led coalition that is taking action around around public education funding, but will also be lifted to the school district directly to help inform additional improvements to better support youth and families.

Next Steps

  • Focus groups and interviews will take place on October 3 and 4.
  • Findings will be incorporated into a larger community impact assessment with support from Kids Impact, who is providing RMP with technical assistance.
  • When this impact assessment is finalized, it will be shared publicly and used by the youth-led coalition to inform ongoing messaging and action.

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