Employers Participating in ‘Improved Hiring, Retention, and Employee Advancement Practices’ effort will Convene Monday

Employers participating in the Improved Hiring, Retention, and Employee Advancement Practices effort will convene on Monday, September 19 via zoom.

Participating employers have already begun work through this effort, however, this is the first time this group will come together as a larger cohort.

What will be accomplished in this session?

Participating employers will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with other cohort members and the RMP team in order to further advance their journey in this work
  • Walk through the self-assessment as a cohort, and action plan to complete the assessment

Action Needed

Participating employers received a calendar invite to confirm their attendance. If you are a participating employer and have not received a calendar invite, please contact Ashley Edinger at AshleyEdinger@RMPBackbone.org.

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