Efforts Underway to Gather Voice and Perspective from Community Members to Inform Work

Over the last couple of weeks, the Navigation and Wraparound Supports Action Team has been working to gather voice and perspective from community members and providers to further understand the biggest barriers/challenges MOST impacting community members’ ability to obtain a skill or credential.

As part of this ongoing effort, RMP Community Weavers Elizabeth Martinez, Sarah Justice Hughes, and Isabel Rodriguez Favela spent last Friday connecting directly with community members at the Broomfield Workforce and Business Center.

Sarah Justice Hughes, Community Weaver

Elizabeth Martinez, Community Weaver


Insights gleamed through these conversations and others will be triangulated with additional data and information, including what programs and services already exist, in order to determine what action is needed to further support coordination of existing navigation and wraparound services along a community members’ journey to attain a credential.

To learn more about this effort, connect with Matt Horn, at MattHorn@RMPBackbone.org

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