The Pulse Data Dashboard

What does economic and social mobility look like for our community right now? And how can we tell if it’s improving?

The Pulse Data Dashboard serves two functions to support the work of the Partnership:

Tells the story about what’s impacting the economic and social     mobility of our community members and helps the Partnership              keep a finger on “the pulse ” of indicators that track economic and        social mobility to inform work.

Community Well-Being Index

Serves as a scorecard for the Rocky Mountain Partnership to      measure progress towards shared targets.


Partnership Scorecard


Research has shown that local economies grow only if their people do first. The Rocky Mountain Partnership Network works to paint a holistic picture of what’s happening in the region by monitoring data across five domains that provide information as to what factors and barriers impact economic and social mobility.

Basic Needs

Health and Mental Health

Social and Criminal Justice

Education and Training

Economics and Workforce Development


To learn more about how these data were selected, … etc…  see the Data FAQs

Data FAQs