Community Leaders Make a Bold Pivot Point

Communities cannot thrive with individual entities working in silos, and the power in numbers becomes even stronger when cross-sector entities are working collectively to make major, authentic change.

But it’s not enough to work collectively.

A collective impact model does not, will not sustain without collective leadership driving the effort.

This type of social movement requires key leaders to own the outcomes and fully support collective impact.

Last summer, a group of leaders from across the community gathered together to convene a Cradle to Career Leadership summit to strategize: how do we re-energize and give leaders an opportunity to recommit to this work?

This is a simple principle: Those who care about a community’s youth – from parents to educators to civic leaders and local employers – can accomplish more by working together than by working apart, and by collectively driving these effort as leaders. In the year since the summit, leaders across the community have stepped up to this end. 

To reinvigorate the Community Leaders Council (CLC), a steering committee was formed. This committee consists of sixteen leaders who drive the mission, vision, and strategy of the ACYI Partnership, and hold the larger CLC accountable to moving Cradle to Career Outcomes on behalf of youth.

Nine of these steering committee leaders have stepped up to serve as champions, providing leadership and accountability to one Collaborative Action Network (CAN) or strategic priority area each.

As we look towards next year and beyond, with the leadership of this community driving this work, the ACYI Partnership will gradually move closer to ensuring the success of all youth in Adams and Broomfield counties on their journeys from Cradle to Career.

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