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TEGA Interviews

Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGA) Interviews

The Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP) utilizes a peer to peer interview methodology with Community Weavers to garner authentic voice and perspective from key stakeholders, including youth, parent, and community leaders to support the work of our Collaborative Action Networks (CANs) throughout the Continuous Improvement Process.

Information gathered through the Community Weavers interviews informs the work of the Rocky Mountain Partnership across all levels. From supporting an understanding of what it is like to be a young person in Adams and Broomfield Counties, to illuminating the perspective and input from those who are so often marginalized, this perspective is critical to the Network.

About TEGA

TEGA stands for Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors. TEGAs are young women ages 18-24 who are credentialed as digital interviewers through the Market Research Society and trained to conduct research via a mobile application. Girl Effect designed the app so girls can collect real-time data about their communities in the form of audio, videos and photos, as well as traditional survey data.

Over 200 TEGAs are currently collecting qualitative data in Nigeria, Malawi, Rwanda, India, Tanzania, Bangladesh, and the United States on subjects including education, health, safety and economic empowerment. In 2018, the RMP launched the only TEGA network in the United States through a partnership with national affiliate, StriveTogether, and Girl Effect. 

TEGA was developed by RMP international partner, Girl Effect, and helps inform the collective work with authentic voice and perspective, ensuring those served by the partnership are heard. 


TEGA Insights