Project #1: Develop A Hub of Data, Information, and Resources

Supply of Talent To Top Jobs Project #1

What Is The Goal Of This Project?

This project is part of the Rocky Mountain Partnership’s (RMP) effort to increase the supply of talent to top jobs throughout the RMP Region. This Project is a place for practitioners and community members who utilize data and information related to talent supply and demand (including postsecondary, apprenticeship, and skill attainment) to develop a hub of data, information, and resources that paints the picture of:

  1. What the current talent supply and demand looks like throughout our region from a data perspective (utilizing state, regional, and local longitudinal data) including what community members, practitioners, and employers are experiencing
  2. What programs, resources, policy, and funding currently exist to support increasing the region’s talent supply and demand
  3. What targets can be set to increase the region’s talent supply and demand
  4. What gaps and barriers exist for community members, practitioners, and employers and where there are opportunities for working together to address them (including industry and organization specific)

This Hub will ultimately support partners (including employers) doing work around talent supply and demand to access information in a way that supports informed decisions in alignment and in partnership with other entities throughout the region.

The purpose of this project is to have one central place that illustrates the data, information, and resources that will better inform decisions and work happening throughout the RMP region. This Hub will build on efforts currently underway and longitudinal data already captured by the state and other entities across the region. 

Once developed, The Pathways Hub will be utilized by Partners across the region to develop additional programs that will inform decisions on how to allocate resources, make organizational improvements, and identify opportunities for building or strengthening pre-existing collaboration between partners.

Who Is Involved In This Project?

The following partners from the Rocky Mountain Partnership are engaged in this project, providing strategic direction and taking action to support development of The Hub: 

  • Raymond Gonzales, President, Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation
  • Thomas Hartman, Senior Consultant, Colorado Workforce Development Council
  • Lisa Hough, President / CEO, Adams County Regional Economic Partnership (ACREP)
  • Tricia Johnson, Vice President of Westminster Campus, Front Range Community College
  • Ryan McCoy, Executive Director of Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness, Westminster Public Schools
  • Michael Vente, Chief Performance Officer, Colorado Department of Higher Education
  • Kristi Weaver, Director of Career and Technical Education & Postsecondary Readiness, Adams 12 Five Star Schools
  • Kami Welch, President and CEO, Arvada Chamber of Commerce
  • Rocky Mountain Partnership Team

Additional entities from across the region and state are in the process of being added to this team!

How Did This Project Come About? 

One of the barriers to increasing our talent supply that has been lifted consistently by partners doing work in this space is that the abundance of data, information, and resources out there to support increasing the supply of talent does not have one central location where entities can go to inform their decisions.

In order to achieve the goal above, it is critical to have a clear understanding of how many learners are currently on pathways to top jobs, the challenges learners, educators, and employers are experiencing, and what work is currently underway across the state to support increasing the talent supply.

In October 2022, a team of partners from the Arvada Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Department of Higher Education, Westminster Public Schools, and the RMP Team attended a StriveTogether Postsecondary and Workforce Convening in Baltimore, where they laid the foundation for this project based on their expertise and input from cross-sector partners from across the region.

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Matt Horn, RMP Director of Collaborative Action, serves as the Project Manager for this effort. Contact Matt at with additional questions or to learn more.