The Work

Youth-Led Community Coalition for 27J Schools Public Education Funding

About This Effort

A youth-led coalition has mobilized through the Rocky Mountain Partnership and is working to educate the 27J Schools community about the impact of school funding and mobilizing them to take action and advocate for what is needed.

The 27J Schools Board of Education has voted to move forward pursuing a mill levy override on this November’s ballot.

This coalition is working with I am 27J to help educate, register, and turnout voters in order to pass this mill levy override, which will provide much needed funding to support Career and Technical Education (CTE), staffing, and school safety.

Take Action NOW

It takes an entire community to ensure our students, teachers, and the larger 27J Schools community have what they need to thrive.

See opportunities below to take action NOW!

Invest in the resources this coalition needs to mobilize community members and take action to support a successful mill levy override Invite the coalition to share about the mill levy override with your networks, including action they can take Pledge your support, and stay in the loop about this work
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Why This Is Needed NOW

27J Schools is the third least funded school district per pupil in Colorado.

As a result, 27J students must settle for less than their peers around the state. 27J Schools has had to make difficult cuts in programming, services, and staffing such as:

Increasing class sizes Adding additional academic, bus, and athletic fees Cutting night school Eliminating staff positions and benefits, including pay freezes, reduced staff hours, paid family leave, reduced health insurance, etc.

Without additional funding, our youth will continue to not have the resources and supports they need, and deserve, to thrive.

27J Schools only receives $41 per student in mill levy funding each year.

What can you get for $41?

ONE day of school for each 27J student Other things that cost $41: Dinner for a Family of Four at McDonald’s ~10 gallons of regular, unleaded gas

The next least funded district in the Rocky Mountain Partnership region, Adams County School District 14, receives $882 per student in mill levy override funding – this is thanks to the passage of mill levys in that community.

A successful mill levy override will help support our current and future workforce to thrive.

27J Schools will be able to:

  • Expand career and technical education (CTE) opportunities to help build the skills of our future workforce, including ensuring CTE centers being built thanks to the 2021 bond have the staffing and resources they need
  • Ensure teachers and other staff in the district have the compensation and resources needed to continue building the next generation of leaders
  • Expand efforts to keep students safe and secure

Who is Leading This Effort

This coalition is being led by a core team of community members who are either current or former students from 27J Schools, referred to as ‘Civic Influencers’. 

In order to effectively mobilize and take action, they receive the following support through the Rocky Mountain Partnership:

  • Compensation for their time through stipends
  • Training, education, and direct support from the RMP team to understand the ins and outs of the mill levy override
  • Dedicated resources to support the coalition to take action.

Current Civic Influencers

Gabriela Chavez

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Contact Jody Nowicki at with additional questions or to learn more.