The Collective Work

The Collective Work

RMP’s Collective Work

How Do We Improve Economic and Social Mobility?

The work of the Rocky Mountain Partnership always starts and ends with data. This includes understanding equity gaps, community voice and perspective, and what work is already having an impact in the community.

True economic and social mobility means changing systems, which is a marathon, not a sprint! There are short and long term opportunities for Partners to take action based on what data says is the greatest opportunity.

What Are the Collective Work Areas and How Were They Decided?

The Partnership has identified the following areas for collective work in order to have the greatest impact on the data most affecting our community.

How is This Not Duplicating Good Work Underway?

There is so much work underway in the community to improve the well-being of its community members – the opportunity exists to see where coordination can further enhance this work and address key systemic barriers. Furthermore, collective work doesn’t mean the work must be exclusively collective. Although network partners do come together to engage in collective strategies, each partner brings its own role, function, work, resources, expertise, and data to achieve results.