City of Northglenn Starting Wage Exceeds State Minimum

Will reach $15/hour in 2021 – Hiring Now for Seasonal Jobs

March 9, 2020, Northglenn, CO – As the frenzy to hire seasonal staff ensues, Northglenn has a new advantage – higher than minimum wage starting salary. Northglenn City Council requested staff look into the possibility of working towards a more “livable wage” last summer. After reviewing several options, they voted to increase the starting hourly wage to $13.65 in 2020 and then to $15 in 2021. The state minimum wage is $12/hour.*

Attracting and retaining employees is one motivation for the change, but another is the potential impact on youth in the workforce. In Adams County, only 64.6% of youth ages 18 to 24 are employed at a self-sufficient wage.** This increase affects up to 80 people (primarily youth) hired for 27 different City of Northglenn positions. The cost to implement the increase is approximately $185,357 in 2020.

The City of Northglenn works alongside other community entities within the Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP) to impact youth and community success. RMP is part of a national movement that is using a rigorous and proven framework to break down barriers, change systems, and improve outcomes for youth, their families, and the community as a whole.

An increased hourly wage is one way to meet shared targets developed in alignment with RMP’s “Roadmap to Success.” This roadmap encompasses seven core outcome areas that have been identified as the most critical for the success of every young person: Kindergarten Readiness, Early Grade Reading, Middle Grade Math, High School Graduation, Post-Secondary Enrollment, Post-Secondary Attainment, and Youth Employment. National and local research indicates that when our youth are hitting targets in these seven outcome areas, their potential for long-term success greatly increases AND success of young people in these areas is synonymous with economic vitality.

Since many seasonal positions with the City of Northglenn – from lifeguards to day camp aides to parks workers – are often filled by youth, the wage increase supports the Youth Employment critical core outcome.

“Northglenn views this wage increase as an investment into the future,” explained City Manager Heather Geyer. “If young workers are successful they will likely stay in the area, support Northglenn’s economy, and most importantly, remain valuable participants in our community.”

To apply for a job with the City of Northglenn, go to

*data source: The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Colorado 2018, Colorado Center on Law and Policy. Diana M. Pierce, PhD. December 2018

**data source: Using the estimates for CCIP, a basic expense was used to calculate the percentage of individuals at or above the Self-Sufficiency Standard for Adams County in 2018. Source – US Census Bureau, American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates

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