Becky’s Blog: “ACYI & ACEC Working Together” – Featuring Chuck Gross, Guest Blogger

Greetings Friends,
beckysblogiconAs you may have recently read (or heard), ACYI has joined forces with the Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC) to focus shared action on improving post-secondary completion rates on behalf of our youth.

Although we have always worked together in partnership, we are now aligning our efforts in a way that strategically harnesses the strengths of both organizations to accomplish shared outcomes.

What does this mean exactly?
Well, basically, we are working closely together to accomplish the following:
  1. Clarify the roles of each of our respective organizations and the critical function we play to support the success of our youth.
  2. Kick off and support a Post-secondary Completion Collaborative Action Network, a.k.a. CAN.

    The CAN will function as a collective impact mechanism that brings practitioners and partner organizations together to provide cross-sector coordination of efforts in areas that increase the number of Adams County Youth who complete post-secondary credentials. Our shared goal will be to ensure that our youth are equipped with skills to enter the workforce.


  3. Together, within the Collaborative Action Network, we will:
    • Focus on county-wide and disaggregated data
    • Work to understand barriers
    • Engage youth in our work
    • Focus on equity
    • Set goals and work on projects
    • Receive technical assistance and support to help accomplish goals
    • Seek resources to support efforts
    • Determine what works and scale those efforts
We are ecstatic to collaborate with ACEC to prepare our youth for the workforce and beyond! To share more insight about our effort, we have engaged Chuck Gross from the Adams County Education Consortium to share more about our partnership. Please see below for his guest blog.
Also, be sure to check out information on ACEC’s job announcement for a position that will support ACEC’s and ACYI’s efforts and for more information how to get involved with our Post-secondary Completion Collaborative Action Network below!
Take it away Chuck….
Becky Hoffman
Executive Director
Adams County Youth Initiative

GUEST BLOG: Chuck Gross, Executive Director, ACEC Chuck Gross Headshot with Color Block

Why is ACEC partnering with ACYI? Specifically, what are we trying to accomplish?

ACEC is pleased to partner with ACYI to develop and implement a Collaborative Action Network related to post-secondary completion. Since 2005, ACEC has worked with Adams County school districts, higher education partners, and the business community to give students career and college readiness skills and move them toward post-secondary completion to get them into the workforce faster. Our programs and partnerships enable students from all backgrounds to understand their options after high school and learn the skills, requirements, opportunities and education required to pursue the profession of their dreams.

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