Becky’s Blog: What’s the Plan Stan?!

What’s the Plan, Stan?!

beckysblogiconIn late 2016, our team and board of directors took some time to again additional clarity on our mission, to define our role as the backbone and to further develop our internal infrastructure. Equally important, we took some time to craft our goals and focus for the year, which we are now referring to as our 2017 Strategic Plan.

At the wheel in terms of the work the ACYI backbone does, I am very keen about the responsibility our team has in not only knowing where we are headed, but in knowing how we are going to get there.

This succinct and clear road map, a.k.a. Strategic Plan, for the year provides that direction and frankly, makes us better partners on our community’s roadways.

We Started With The End In Mind

So where did we start? In sitting down to map out our Strategic Priorities for 2017, we started with the end in mind. The destination – success for EVERY child, in every school, cradle to career, (period)!

We unequivocally believe that a key component to a successful community is student achievement. When students succeed, our community succeeds. Why? Because students become our workforce, and it’s no secret that communities who have a talented workforce attract and retain employers. With jobs, income, benefits, etc. families are able to live and contribute to a better quality of life. This IS our true north.

Our Focus

Our mission is to drive our community to improve key outcomes along every child’s path to education success (Cradle to Career Outcome areas) through the development and support of:

  • A Shared Community Vision
  • Evidence Based Decision Making
  • Collaborative Action
  • Investment & Sustainability

We know that when students are meeting benchmarks in each of the following Cradle to Career Outcome areas, their potential for long-term success greatly increases. Our planned activities for this year start and end with a clear focus on moving the needle in the Cradle to Career Outcome areas.


Role Clarity

Once we clarified our vision, intent and mission, we took time to become very clear about roles related to the ACYI Partnership. We know that the only way to move from talk to action is to clearly identify who is responsible for what. And that’s just what we did…

The Partnership

The Partnership’s role, which is comprised of approximately 75 organizations including give school districts, eight law enforcement agencies, seven cities, two unincorporated communities, and a broad range of nonprofit, faith, business, and philanthropists, is to drive student achievement from Cradle to Career by leveraging data, community expertise and collaboration using the Continuous Improvement practice to…

measure what matters


To learn more about the components that make up our Partnership, CLICK HERE.

The Backbone

We are clear that our staff’s roles is to MOBILIZE The Partnership, the collective coalition of stakeholders (you) who have agreed to work together to benefit students throughout the community from Cradle to Career.

We are set to accomplish well thought out goals and action items that include measurable outcomes that have been developed to support each of the following strategic priorities…

Common Vision & CommunicationTarget-Icon-e1381874144387

  • Convene and engage cross sector leaders and partners
  • Engage a broad array of community voices, including the youth voice into our work
  • Facilitate communication relevant to The Partnership

DATA Driven Decision Making:


  • Facilitate the collection and use of disaggregated data across The Partnership in order to practice continuous improvement

Collaborative Action:

  • Provide the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to enable
    collaborative action

 Investment & Sustainability:


  • Engage partners, funders and policymakers to support operations and collaborative work


On a Final Note

So, that’s the plan. We are holding steadfast to focusing on the above mentioned Strategic Priorities. As we roll further into 2017, you will learn more about the action items and measurable outcomes we have developed to support this year’s Strategic Priorities. We have a lot in store and are excited to continue working with you…

Until next time,

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