Attendance MATTERS

September is Attendance Awareness Month

We all know school is critical for success in the future, but did you know that in Adams County many students miss more than 18 days of school during the academic year?

This is considered chronic absenteeism, and it’s a big problem!

If the kids aren’t there, they aren’t learning. It’s that simple.

In Adams County, (School Districts 1, 12, 14, 27J, and 50), one out of every three students (on average) aren’t succeeding in our schools.

In fact, among 3rd graders, 34% aren’t proficient in reading, 60% of 8th graders aren’t proficient in math, and an average of 35% of all high school seniors do not graduate on time.

Research shows that chronic absence has a profound impact on student success.

In Adams County, the chronic absenteeism rate for elementary students is 10%, middle school is 14%, and high school is an average of 24%.

These rates are unacceptable, and in order for our kids to succeed, we need to initiate change.

This is why ACYI has joined a nationwide effort to celebrate Attendance Awareness Month in September.

We pledge to raise awareness about the value of regular school attendance and focus on reducing chronic absenteeism in the new school year.

To launch this exciting campaign, elected officials and community leaders gathered on August 15th at Mapleton’s Skyview Campus to invite partners to commit time and resources to:

  • help us raise public awareness
  • dig deeper into attendance data
  • and work with community partners to improve school attendance starting in Kindergarten

The response from community partners to join the effort has been extraordinary!

The county, all cities and all local school boards have signed or pledged to sign the Adams County School Attendance Matters Proclamation including:

  • Adams County Board of County Commissioners
  • City of Brighton, Commerce City, Federal Heights, Northglenn, Westminster, and Thornton
  • Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Adams 14 School District, Adams 50 School District, Mapleton Public Schools, and School District 27J!

We invite you to learn more or to get involved by circulating the flyers in your businesses and work places or contacting ACYI for more information.

Elementary School Flyer Middle School Flyer


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