ACYI Partners Convene to Focus on Adams County Student Survey Enhancements

School District 27J, Adams 12 Five Star Schools and Adams 14 School District gathered on February 17th to discuss next steps for the ACSS Steering Committee.
As a data-driven partnership, ACYI has been administering the Adams County Student Survey (ACSS) for the past four years.  The ACSS has provided insight into aspects of students’ lives that are not directly measured by grades and test scores but have a profound impact on academic outcomes.  ACYI believes in using data to improve cradle to career outcomes and is committed to maintaining the Adams County Student Survey as a unique and longstanding value add to The Partnership. Additionally, ACYI is committed to moving the ACSS to new heights.
As a result, the ACYI team conducted a listening tour with all five school district partners from January 20th to February 8th with the intent of understand the following:
  • How the ACSS is currently being used.
  • What partners like and dislike about the reports and/or process.
  • What ACYI could do to make the ACSS more useful.
  • Any data dreams partners have.
Through the listening tour, we determined that there is an opportunity to increase the value of the ACSS and as a result a Steering Committee will be convened to guide enhancements to the survey.
For more information on how to engage in this very important dialogue, please contact Becky Hoffman.

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