ACYI to Kick-Off Collaborative Action Networks (CANs)

Last month we asked for your input through a brief survey determining what to call a new series of “action teams” that we are kicking off.  As a result of your input, these “action teams” will be called Collaborative Action Networks (CANs).


Each CAN will consist of cross-sector practitioners and individuals who will organize around a Cradle to Career Outcome, and meet regularly to review related data, receive technical support from ACYI (and each other), garner the Youth and Community Voice into their work, enhance resources ($) and policy alignment, and to ultimately spark more Site work (PDSA work).  It is our intent that CANs’ members have a sense of shared ownership over improvement in the Cradle to Career Outcome area they have aligned to and eventually be tasked to set targets for The Partnership.

Please note that our CANs will also replace what we formerly referred to as the K-12 Success Action Team.

We appreciate your help in selecting the name for the groups that will be kicking off in the very near future.  Watch for more info to come regarding dates for CANs kick offs!

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