Action Needed and Updates from RMP’s Community Lead Coalition for 27J Schools Public Education Funding

A community-led coalition has mobilized through the Rocky Mountain Partnership to EDUCATE, REGISTER, AND TURN OUT VOTERS in order to pass a mill levy override this fall.

This coalition is also working to elevate the voice of the community and identify ways to engage them in this and future efforts to increase public education funding in the region.

Learn more about this effort, and how YOU can take urgent action below.

Get Involved – Invest Now!

It takes an entire community to ensure our students, teachers, and the larger 27J Schools community have what they need to thrive. That’s why youth most impacted by public education funding in the district are taking action through this coalition.

Invest in resources, including stipends for our Civic Influencers, to support this coalition to mobilize the community and advocate for a successful mill levy override – ANY AMOUNT HELPS!


We have raised $28,675 of our $35,000 goal so far!

THANK YOU to our investors!

Get Involved – Take Action

Invite the coalition to share about the mill levy override with your networks, including action they can take Pledge your support, and stay in the loop about this work
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News and Updates About This Effort

Rose Community Foundation Endorses 27J Mill Levy Override

The Rose Community Foundation has officially endorsed the mill levy override to support 27J Schools, thanks in part to the work of the RMP Team and Community Coalition!

Click the button below to view their 2022 Ballot Guide.

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Coalition Work Highlighted By CBS Colorado

Gabriela Chavez, RMP Steering Committee Member AND Civic Influencer, spoke with CBS News Colorado about why passing a mill levy override is important to her, and the community-led coalition she is helping to mobilize through the Rocky Mountain Partnership.

Click the button below to view the full interview.

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Brighton Youth Commission Supports the Mill Levy Override

RMP’s Community Engagement Team sat down with members of the Brighton Youth Commission to discuss the mill levy override and action they can take to support public education funding in the region. Check out their call to action below!

Two New Civic Influencers Join the Coalition

RMP recently welcomed two new Civic Influencers to the Community-Led Coalition! Both come with a lot of passion to help move the coalition’s work forward.

Ana Ruiz

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Sarah Justice Hughes

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If you know of any youth or other community members interested in being part of this coalition, contact

How will the Mill Levy Override Impact Youth and Families?

If I want my community to succeed, then the mill levy override needs to succeed as well.

Sarah Justice Hughes, RMP Civic Influencer

The RMP Team has been connecting with current and former students and parents from 27J Schools through focus groups and individual interviews to hear directly about how they believe additional school funding will impact the district, and the larger community.

From those conversations, community members believe a successful mill levy override will support Brighton families by:

  • Ensuring students can utilize a variety of crucial education-related services that their parents want for them but are unable to pay —like needed tutoring, transportation, after-school enrichment, counsellors, and Career and Technical Education
  • Providing students stronger career development opportunities, more comparable opportunities to students in nearby districts
  • Preventing further elimination of positions for teachers and support staff, freezing of their pay, and reduction their benefits

This is just to name a few!

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