2021 State of the Rocky Mountain Partnership Recap

On Friday, November 12, 2021, approximately 140 guests gathered for the first annual State of the Rocky Mountain Partnership. Check out photos from the event HERE.
The event featured a panel of Partnership leaders that explored and celebrated progress of the Partnership’s work to date and looked ahead to 2022, including:

Check out a recording of the full program from the event HERE or down below.

The Panelists

The panel was moderated by Jim Siedlecki, Deputy County Manager for Adams County Government and RMP Basic Needs Co-Champion, and featured the following RMP leaders:


The Program

See the full recording of the program down below.

Wins and Accomplishments, including the Soft Launch of the RMP Scorecard

Before the panelists talked about the 2022 strategic plan, they took a moment to reflect on the accomplishments the network as made over the last year including:

  1. Expanded beyond Cradle and Career Outcomes and adopted a more holistic and multigenerational approach
  2. Reached consensus on the Ultimate Impact this Network is working to accomplish
  3. Reached consensus on what is most impacting economic and social mobility
  4. The Leadership Table has been invigorated and is authentically owning the work in a way that we haven’t before
  5. Supported Adams County Community COVID-19 Response and Recovery work to continue both through County and Rocky Mountain Partnership efforts
  6. Set 2021 policy priorities, supported nine successful bills for the 2021 legislative session, and positioned the network for even stronger policy and advocacy work long term
  7. Captured voice and perspective from community members to inform Credential Attainment and City of Aurora Youth Violence Prevention work
  8. Reached consensus on initial metrics that comprise our Rocky Mountain Partnership Scorecard to measure annual progress towards shared priorities and targets, specifically progress towards closing equity gaps

The 2022 Strategic Plan

The Partnership publicly launched the 2022 Strategic Plan, which outlines the initial strategic focus areas for the Partnership in 2021 and 2022, with the understanding the additional areas will be added as they are identified. Click the button below to read the 2022 Strategic Plan.

View 2022 Strategic Plan


Learn more and get involved by clicking the collective work areas below.


The 2022 Policy Priorities

The Partnership publicly announced its 2022 Policy Priorities, which are intended to ensure members of this community can earn a wage that allows them to support themselves and their families, live where they work, and achieve economic mobility. The following have been identified as Tier 1 priorities, meaning they will be more intentionally advocated for during the 2022 legislative session.

The Partnership has also identified several Tier 2 priorities that they will monitor and take action on a case-by-case basis:

  • Access to healthy foods
  • Access to internet and web-enabled technology
  • Access to health care
  • Improve health outcomes related to air quality
  • Expand co-responder programs
  • Remove barriers for undocumented individuals
  • Remove barriers to increased enrollment in higher education (credential, license, 2 – 4 year)
  • Increase financial support for all learners
  • Increase funding from the state for schools
  • Remove barriers to enrollment in and access to workforce training
  • Achieve pay equity for women and people of color

Click the button below to learn more about the 2022 Policy Priorities.

View 2022 Policy Priorities

The Rocky Mountain Partnership Scorecard

The State of the Rocky Mountain Partnership marked the soft launch of the Rocky Mountain Partnership Scorecard. The Partnership agreed on the initial 30 metrics that are included, that fall within the network’s five community well-being areas.

The Scorecard is live on the website and is publicly available. The Partnership will use it to:

  • Measure progress towards shared priorities and targets in areas where collective work is happening
  • Understand how the data is trending over time – including what is likely to happen if no action is taken in applicable areas
  • Show the progress towards closing equity gaps for populations most impacted by existing systems

Click the button below to see the Rocky Mountain Partnership Scorecard, and reach out to Ashley Edinger, Senior Director of Strategic Supports, at AshleyEdinger@RMPBackbone.org with any questions or feedback.

View Scorecard

Join the RMP Investors’ Club

The neutral infrastructure that supports this work is supported through partnership investments, grants, and individual investors. You are invited to stand shoulder to shoulder as part of the Coalition of the Committed by joining RMP’s Investor’s Club. Learn more and join RMP’s Investor’s Club by clicking the images below.

Become a Partnership Investor Become an Individual Investor Become a Strategic Philanthropic Partner


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